The timeline

Made of reproductions of news pages, photographs and memories on a single thread, it represents an ideal journey into the historical memory of the area.

Linea del tempo

The timeline is located in all squares where I don't take risks takes place. It is a versatile, multi-risk element made by the voluntary associations joining the campaign.

It is an installation composed of copies of news pages, diaries, photographs and memories of local traditions, hung on a single thread, ideally representing a journey through the historical memory of the area.

Its aim is to visually represent the "traces" of the past events that affected the territory where the square is held. The idea: to preserve the memory of events that affected the community at different time periods.

The timeline has become a full-fledged part of the I don't take risks campaign to spread knowledge and awareness on natural risks and to inform citizens on how to cope with the consequences of such phenomena in the best possible way.