National Days

Io non rischio - Giornate nazionali ottobre 2023

Major events of the I don't take risks campaign are the annual National Days. Thousands of trained civil protection volunteers meet citizens all over Italy to spread awareness of natural risks and the behaviors to adopt to reduce their effects. 
This initiative's focus are the Italian squares, where information points are set up, and in which it is possible to receive the main information on the risks that affect the territory, recall the historical memory of past emergencies, and know more about good civil protection practices, also through the informative materials. 
To promote interaction among citizens and volunteers, the campaign space features different set-ups for different risks, according to the risk covered: the totem, the flood tent, and the timeline
In 2023, for the first time, I don't take risks has an annual "double date" in the squares, in May and October.

In 20 squares organized in the regions of Campania, Liguria, Lombardy, Molise and Veneto, civil protection volunteers raise awareness on volcanic risk in the Phlegraean area and on forest fire risk, which makes its official debut after being tested in April during the "Civil Protection Days" in Rome.
In Campania, specifically, information points on volcanic risk are set up in all the municipalities of the Phlegraean red zone to inform citizens about prevention and the behaviors to adopt in the operational phases of attention, pre-alarm and alarm that precede a possible eruption. 
A map of the May National Days is available at this link.

The October National Days close the events of the National Civil Protection Week 2023. On October 14 and 15, volunteers meet citizens in more than 700 squares across all regions and autonomous provinces to talk about earthquake, flood, tsunami, forest fires and volcanic risk.
Here, the new multi-risk communication product on good civil protection practices, replacing traditional leaflets and cards, is distributed for the first time.To find out the squares where the initiative took place, you can consult the interactive map on this page.