The story

The most important highlights of the campaign

Past Event
February 2011

The idea

The creation of a national day dedicated to inform the public on earthquake prevention stems as a result of a proposal by Anpas-National Association of Public Assistance, Ingv-National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, ReLUIS-Network of University Laboratories of Earthquake Engineering and the University of Basilicata to the Department of Civil Protection.

Past Event
October 2011

"I Don't Take Risks earthquake"

Terremoto Io non rischio - Evidenza

October 22 and 23 sees the experimental start of the "I don't take risks earthquake" campaign with Anpas volunteers in 9 squares in the regions of Tuscany, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily. Partners of the campaign are: Anpas, Ingv, ReLUIS and Department of Civil Protection.

Past Event
October 2012

The participation of the voluntary sector

Formazione INR 2022 - Evidenza

On October 13 and 14, "I don't take risks earthquake" is held in more than 100 squares in all regions of Italy, with more than 1,500 volunteers involved. The campaign memberships is extended to all national associations of organized civil protection volunteers who, to take part in the activities, are involved in specific training courses. A website dedicated to the campaign was launched on this occasion.

Past Event
September 2013

I don't take risks gets social

To mark the third edition of I don't take risks, dedicated social channels are launched. The campaign takes place on September 28 and 29 in 215 Italian squares with the active participation of more than 3 thousand volunteers.

Past Event
October 2013

Unfolding new risks

La campagna si apre a nuovi rischi - Evidenza

Tsunami risk is introduced in Salerno Province during the international Twist exercise, which took place in the Province of Salerno from 24 to 27 October. The Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research and the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics are also involved in the implementation of the campaign.

Past Event
October 2014

The new visual identity    

Io non rischio si tinge ufficialmente di giallo

On October 11 and 12, under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, the fourth edition of the campaign takes place in more than 200 squares across Italy, with the participation of 3,500 volunteers.
Yellow is the color to characterize the "I don't take risks" campaign's distinctive identity, and the campaign takes on its permanent name.
Flood risk becomes part of the campaign and Cima Foundation, a center of expertise of the Department of Civil Protection, becomes partner of the initiative.

Past Event
October 2015

The Regions and Provinces join the campaign

On October 17 and 18 in more than 400 Italian squares more than 4,000 volunteers meet citizens to talk about earthquake, tsunami and flood risks. Regions and Autonomous Provinces actively participate in the campaign. I don't take risks receives a plaque from the President of the Republic.
In various cities, volunteers and partner representatives hold convention to strengthen the project's identity and sense of belonging.    

Past Event
November 2015

The first Civil Service project

Servizio Civile Nazionale

The Civil Protection Department hosts the first Civil Service project dedicated to the campaign to train new generations on the issues of prevention and risk communication.

Past Event
October 2016

The medal of the President of the Republic

On October 15 and 16, 7,000 volunteers are in about 700 squares throughout Italy. This is a tough edition, a year marked by the seismic events that have struck Central Italy in August. The initiative also receives great appreciation from the President of the Republic, who awards the medal to I don't take risks. The campaign is now starting to work to become inclusive and permanent, to reach citizens all year round and not only during the days in the squares.

Past Event
October 2017

The "super squares" edition 

L'edizione delle "super piazze"

The seventh edition of I don't take risks takes place on October 14 while the National Civil Protection Service is still committed in the territories of Central Italy affected by the emergency. The decision was therefore to hold the edition  in one day and only in the squares of the provincial capitals. 
The "super squares," each managed by a large number of associations belonging to the province, see the involvement of more than 5,000 volunteers.
New formats such as "Urban Trekking" and "Treasure Hunt" are also being tested on this occasion.

Past Event
June 2018

Beyond national borders    

Io non rischio supera i confini nazionali - Evidenza

From June 5 to  9, an information point dedicated to "I don't take risks Flood" is set up in the spaces of the international Neiflex exercise. Among the countries participating in the exercise activities is Montenegro, which chooses to host a workshop on I don't take risks to assess its possible in-country export. This is the first time the campaign crosses national borders.

Past Event
October 2018

"I Don't Take Risks School"

Elenco regionale Selezione Io non rischio Scuola - Immagine in evidenza

The eighth edition of the campaign takes place on October 13 and 14 in more than 200 squares throughout Italy. The experimental "I don't take risks School" project is also launched during the autumn. The campaign is introduced in the exhibition Terremoti d'Italia.

Past Event
October 2019

I don't take risks opens Civil Protection Week

EXE Campi Flegrei - Evidenza

The campaign takes place on October 12 and 13 in more than 850 squares throughout Italy and marks the opening of the first edition of the National Civil Protection Week.
The first squares dedicated to volcanic risk in the Phlegraean area are set up as a pilot for the international Exe Phlegraean Fields exercise. After the Montenegro experience, the campaign lands in Tunisia as well, where the project is presented to local volunteers.

Past Event
October 2020

The digital squares

Following the Covid-19 emergency, the campaign did not take place in the squares but took place online. Thus, digital squares come into being, virtual gathering places where volunteers and citizens can discuss daily issues of prevention and dissemination of good civil protection practices.

Past Event
October 2021

New communication tools

La campagna si arricchisce di nuovi strumenti di comunicazione - Evidenza

October 24, 3,000 volunteers head back into the streets in 350 squares throughout Italy and in the digital squares, which have now become part of the risk communication tools.
The edition is officially opened by the "National Live Streaming" an experimental event, web-streamed by Rome's "Roberto Rossellini" Cine-TV Institute, which brings together representatives from the scientific community, civil protection, cultural and sports worlds on the topics of the campaign.

Past Event
October 2022

Growing digital        

Io non rischio è sempre più digitale

In Florence, an interactive I don't take risks path is tested for the first time at Expo ETE, thanks to Lares Italia's Sisma VR project that allows people to experience virtual reality earthquake.
The national campaign takes place on October 15 and 16 in more than 400 squares across Italy thanks to the efforts of more than 8,000 volunteers. The first I don't take risks squares dedicated to Stromboli and Vulcano are set up in the Aeolian Islands. 
In October I don't take risks also comes to the Genoa Science Festival with an interactive exhibition. The following month, four squares dedicated to tsunami and earthquake risks are set up in Reggio Calabria and Messina for the "Sisma dello Stretto 2022" exercise.

Past Event
January 2023

I don't take risks 365

In 2023, the campaign becomes permanent and starts to run all year round, thanks also to the numerous events aimed at the promotion of good civil protection practices organized throughout the territory: exhibitions, workshops, meetings with the population, cultural and sports events, fairs, seminars, webinars and, for sure, days in the square. Everyone can become a promoter of the I don't take risks values: not only volunteers but the entire civil society. Citizens and organizations can take an active role in risk prevention and reduction by taking action before a disaster.

Past Event
May 2023

Good practices and new generations

For the first time, I don't take risks sets up for a "double date". The National Days on May 20 and 21 anticipate the traditional weekend in October: in five regions of Italy, eight squares are set up on forest fires, a recent addition to the campaign, and 12 on the volcano of the Phlegraean Fields. May 25 marks the start of the Universal Civil Service program "I don't take risks 365: good civil protection practices" promoted by Anpas, Civil Protection Department and Cima Foundation.