notizia1 febbraio 2024

I don't take risks 2024: collection of subscriptions open until April 30

Organizations can apply using the dedicated platform  

Piazza Io non rischio

Today, February 1, the collection of subscriptions directed at civil protection volunteer organizations that wish to join the I don't take risks campaign in 2024 starts. Like every year, applications can be submitted online through the dedicated platform at the link:

Those organizations participating for the first time must fill out the registration form on the portal homepage and proceed with the application process. Meanwhile, those with credentials can access the system directly and submit their application.  

All civil protection organizations already registered in the Territorial Lists of the relevant Region or Autonomous Province, or those whose registration is being completed may apply. Eventual exceptions will be managed directly by the relevant regional or provincial structures.  

Applications can be submitted until April 30.  

To get technical assistance or report issues when navigating the system, please send a report to the e-mail