notizia4 novembre 2022

I don't take risks at the "Sisma dello Stretto 2022" exercise

Four special squares on earthquake and tsunami 

Il logo dell'esercitazione Exe Sisma Stretto 2022

The national civil protection exercise "Sisma dello Stretto 2022" kicks off this morning with the aim of testing the National Service's operational response to an earthquake that can generate landslides, liquefaction and tsunami.

The earthquake that struck the Strait of Messina area on Jan. 16, 1975, was selected as reference to define the exercise scenarios, which calls for the active involvement of 37 municipalities in the Province of Reggio Calabria, Gioia Tauro, whose port is an entry point for rescuers and 19 in the Province of Messina.

During the three-day exercise, coordinated by the Civil Protection Department, in agreement with the regions involved and the Prefectures-UTG of Reggio Calabria and Messina, there will be a field test phase - with the deployment of components and operational structures of the National Civil Protection Service - and one of command posts.  

Today morning is also scheduled the testing of IT-alert, the Public Alert System for direct information to the population via cell broadcast technology, which is under test. Citizens of twenty-two coastal municipalities affected by the simulated event will receive a message on their mobile phones characterized by a different sound from the usual ones and introduced by the text "CIVIL PROTECTION EXERCISE." A second message will be sent at the end of the simulation to invite citizens to fill out a form evaluating the effectiveness and the understanding of the message. More information available at:

Among the exercise activities to foster the active participation of the citizens is also the I don’t take risks campaign. On Saturday, November 5, four special squares will take place in Messina (Cairoli Square), Reggio Calabria (Duomo Square), Bova Marina (Contrada Monoscalco) and Bagnara Calabra (G. Matteotti Square) where civil protection volunteers will meet citizens to discuss about earthquake and tsunami risk and explain the IT-alert System works.

In Reggio Calabria the I don’t take risks square is at the exhibition space of the "Terrempti d’Italia": until December 3, visitors will learn more about seismic risk, what to do to safe their homes and the rules of conduct to adopt before, during and after a risk situations.

Full details on the exercise are available on the Civil Protection Department website at the link: