notizia15 marzo 2024

Vesuvius: launch of the initiative to mark 80 years since the last eruption

For the occasion, all participants will receive a postcard to continue the journey on this website

Cartolina Io non rischio per iniziativa "Conoscere e vivere il Vesuvio a 80 anni dall'ultima eruzione"

On March 17-19, the initiative "Getting to know and experience Vesuvius 80 years after the last eruption" open by reservation only to citizens and students in the Vesuvius "red zone" identified by the National Plan of Civil Protection will take place. During the three-day event, visitors will be able to remember the 1944 eruption through the screening of a historical film, visit the INGV-Vesuvius Observatory headquarters in Herculaneum, and take part in a guided tour along the path No. 9 "The river of lava" of the Vesuvius National Park. The hike takes about two hours and is planned in stages.

On this occasion, participants will receive a postcard containing a QR code as a reminder of the initiative. By scanning the code, participants can reach the "I don't take risks Vesuvius" section, posted on this website since last February, and learn more about the contents displayed during the tour.

The event shares many values endorsed by the I don't take risks campaign on good civil protection practices, from enhancing the historical memory of past events to the urgent need to increase public awareness of environmental hazards. Therefore, the postcard was also intended to leave participants with a valuable message on civil protection issues: "Looking at the past helps us better understand the present and shape our future choices."

"Getting to know and experience Vesuvius 80 years after the last eruption" is hosted by the Department of Civil Protection, the INGV—Vesuvius Observatory, the Vesuvius National Park, the Campania Region, and the Campania Civil Protection, in collaboration with the Municipality of Herculaneum and Regional School Office. Full details are available on the Vesuvius Observatory's website.