notizia25 gennaio 2024

"Words for the Earth": learning about natural risks with the INGV

From Thursday, January 25 to Saturday, January 27, many events are planned in different locations of the Institute

Locandina "Parole per la Terra"

Today, January 25, the fifth edition of "Words for the Earth," the event promoted by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) to promote awareness of natural phenomena and risk mitigation efforts, begins.     

Until Saturday, 27, many events are scheduled at different regional venues targeting audiences of all ages.     

The event will start at the INGV headquarters in L'Aquila, where interactive workshops on volcanic risk will be dedicated to preschool children.  

Meanwhile, the Vesuvius Observatory in Naples will host seminars on environmental issues and natural phenomena to increase risk awareness using scientific knowledge and historical memory. Citizens will also be able to visit the room used for surveillance activities of active volcanic areas in the Campania region.   

Scientists and researchers from the Rome headquarters will guide primary and secondary school students to the seismic surveillance and tsunami warning operations room to illustrate the national warning system for earthquake and tsunami risks. In addition, there will be space for a closer look at volcanic risk with a seminar dedicated to the activity in the Phlegraean area, which has been affected in recent months by earthquakes linked to the phenomenon of bradyseism.  

Learning activities, workshops, and seminars are also planned at INGV locations in Liguria, Lombardy, Tuscany, and Sicily. Among these, in particular, the meeting "Climate Change and Human Impact," scheduled in Palermo on January 26, represents a critical moment of reflection on a complex and highly topical phenomenon. In addition, at the Etnean Observatory in Catania, guests can explore and observe closely the places and tools used for seismic and volcanic monitoring in Sicily.  

The event "Words for the Earth" stresses the daily contributions of scientists and researchers in monitoring, forecasting, and prevention activities and offers an excellent opportunity, especially to the new generations, to further develop an aware and responsible approach to the issue of risk reduction.   

Il programma dettagliato dell’evento è disponibile al seguente link