Un volontario e un cittadino

Organized civil protection voluntary associations are present all over Italy. Volunteers live and work on the territory, and know it. They are known by local institutions and citizens. Who better to inform people about the risks on the territory?

That's why the heart of the I don't take risks communication campaign is represented by volunteers: citizens trained and prepared on risk communication to meet their fellow citizens to talk about natural and anthropic risks and good practices of civil protection to reduce their effect.

Every year, the I don't risk website announces the opening of the application process aimed at voluntary associations wishing to participate in the campaign. Organisations already involved in I don't take risks, can apply by accessing the website www.gestionaleinr.it with their credentials.

Associations joining the campaign for the first time, must fill out a form, accessible from the homepage of the website, and then proceed with the application process.

All civil protection volunteer associations already registered in the territorial list of the Region or Autonomous Province they belong to, or whose registration is in the phase of being completed, can apply. Possible exceptions will be processed by the regional or provincial structures of reference. Once the application collection phase is closed, they undergo a validation process by the referents of the National Voluntary Organizations and the Autonomous Regions and Provinces.

The I don't risk "trainer" is the volunteer in charge of teaching volunteers who meet citizens in the streets about the campaign, risks and good civil protection practices. To become "trainers," volunteers must successfully undergo several selective procedures and a specific training course.

The number of trainers is not fixed in advance, but is defined annually by each Region and Autonomous Province based on specific needs, to ensure adequate territorial coverage.
The requirements to participate in the call for applications, published annually on the I don't risk website, include: basic civil protection training, registration for at least two years with a Volunteer Organization registered in the territorial list of the region of origin, and previously held the role of "communicator" in a I don't take risks square.

When the application deadline closes, each Region and Autonomous Province appoints a special Commission to examine the candidates. Volunteers who successfully pass all selection procedures first attend a general training in Rome and then a Regional training.

At the end of the course, trainers are placed on a specific register and undergo periodic evaluation of the role on the basis of commitment, effectiveness and availability.
To help them organize the training activities they should carry out on the ground, each trainer is given a kit with materials and tools to use. It also provides an e-learning platform to deepen the most important topics of the campaign.

"Communicators" are the volunteers responsible for spreading good civil protection practices among citizens. The civil protection associations select the best-suited communicators for this role.

Candidate "communicators" must participate, in the months before the campaign, in a specific training course organized by volunteer trainers, coordinated by I don't take risks referents of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces.

To ensure homogeneity of knowledge levels among all communicators, "refresh" days to allow volunteers to deepen their knowledge of specific topics and do practical simulations may also be organized on the territory. At the end of this structured training are communicators ready to meet citizens in the streets.